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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Reversalist Illuminating Eye System

This eye cream comes with an illuminating cream that helps minimize the look of under eye circles, it's kind of like a concealer if you will. It's very silky, blendable and smells nice.

 I've used it for a couple of weeks now since I stopped using the Anew Clinical Eye Lift.  I actually really like this one, I feel like my eye area has just a better texture and it does not affect my makeup application in anyway. I have experienced other eye creams in the past that take a very long time to absorb and so if you apply makeup before then, well, it's a hot mess, if you know what I mean.
The consistency is rich but not oily and yet still very moisturizing, its not overwhelming to your skin to the point where it will look greasy. This cream is a keeper, I love the illuminating part, it's not shimmery and it's not glittery, it's radiant. Hope you can give this a try it is worth it!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nails Nails Nails!!!

Here are some more swatches for Avon's Nail Experts line:

"Night Violet"



"Bare Necessity"


New colors I love!!!!

Now, I know I have posted my unhappiness with Avon's True Color blushes but I have to say they have redeemed themselves! I recently purchased three blushes and these two were the ones I kept (well I kinda misplaced the other one), I really like these colors, the pigments in these are very strong and very very pretty!! My only complaints are the fact that they are so awkwardly shaped! I mean I can't even pick up product with my blush brush comfortably you know. Who in the world uses those little brushes it comes with anyway? They need to let it go. 

"Rose Lustre" (reminds me of mac's desert rose or melba)

"Molto Mocha" (Reminds me of a slightly lighter version of mac's margin)

Please forgive me for not posting an actual swatch, my lighting is horrible at home but hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Here is Reese Witherspoon wearing "Molto Mocha" for a red carpet event on US Weekly:

Fight your wrinkles today! Before it's too late!

This is my daily regimen, day and night, rain or shine. I love this line, and here is a little about each product:

"Anew Reversalist Cleanser"
This is a cleanser and toner in one, it really does leave my skin extremely soft and clean at the same time. I have no complaints about this one, by far the best cleaner I have used. It foams up very quickly so a little goes a long way, it lasts about 2-3 months!

"Anew Reversalist Day Cream"
This moisturizer has an SPF UVA UVB of 25  and smells very nice, makes me feel super clean! Leaves my face soft and moisturized but not too heavy when I apply makeup over it. It absorbs quickly so as soon as I apply it and I can apply my primer and so on and so forth. I have used it for over 3 months, and I still have about a third left! I will say I have seen a major improvement in my skin since using Anew. I used to have very sensitive skin, allergic to salicylic acid. For a while I had a lot of small red itchy bumps all over my face and it was not acne. I never had issues with my skin until after childbirth. I was a little skeptical about using Anew since my skin was sensitive but along with no longer using mac face products and using these for my cleansing routine my skin is back to normal and even better.

"Anew Reversalist Sterling Emulsion"
This is like a gel used instead of your usual night cream for the especially dry skin types. It's even more moisturizing than the regular night cream. I started using this and stopped when Anew Genics came out. I didn't like Genics so now i'm back to this wonderful little shiny-ness. I just love how pretty and sparkly it is. It's light on your skin, but rich at the same time and it truly makes your skin soooo soft. I will say that the container provides a warning, if you have sensitive skin and apply this immediately after washing your face it will sting a little (it does contain glycolic acid). They recommend waiting about 5 minutes before applying it.

True Color Eyeshadow Quads!!!!

I really like these, the texture and pigments are great actually. I feel like the quality of these shadows are much better than my 12 color palette from an earlier post, they are extremely blendable and long lasting. The colors on the brochure and even online do not even do the real colors justice. They're actually very inexpensive, I got them for 2 for $9.99, anyway, here are the swatches, enjoy!

"Mocha Latte"

"Caribbean Sunset"

 "Sandy Corals"

More eyeliners!!!

Just want to show you guys two more colors of the Mega Impact eyeliners from Avon. I really like these colors they are sooooo pretty and last all day long!!!! They are very well pigmented and apply on sooo smoothly!


Dead cells and wrinkles...

Hello everyone! I'm back from a very long couple of weeks of inactivity. My apologies for not updating sooner, I've been a bit busy. But, here we go! I recently got a delivery and so I have lots of new swatches for you all!!! I have two items from Avon's Anew Clinical line that I will be reviewing.
1. AC Eye Lift

 Now, I will not go into details as to what ingredients it contains. The brochure claims to visibly reduce wrinkles and under eye circles after a week. The gel is for your upper/brow area and the other is for under eye. You use it twice a day after washing your face and before applying your moisturizer. I have been using this product for about a month and I have seen no changes in anything! Well, I have to admit that when you apply the gel you can instantly see a difference in the texture of your upper eye area. Though it's a temporary effect, it does improve and diminish the appearance of wrinkles on your eye lid. Not crazy about it unfortunately.

Now for this next product:
2. AC Advanced Dermabrasion System
I love love love this product! It is by far theeee best exfoliant I have ever used. It's a two part system. You start off using just the white section and gradually move up to use in combination with the gray section. The directions are very clear on the bottle in case you forget how it works. It literally makes my skin baby soft, I absolutely love it and have definitely seen an improvement in my skin. I feel like it reveals like a nice radiance as soon as I use it. I absolutely love it!!! I hope you guys give it a try!

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