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Sunday, November 6, 2011

New colors I love!!!!

Now, I know I have posted my unhappiness with Avon's True Color blushes but I have to say they have redeemed themselves! I recently purchased three blushes and these two were the ones I kept (well I kinda misplaced the other one), I really like these colors, the pigments in these are very strong and very very pretty!! My only complaints are the fact that they are so awkwardly shaped! I mean I can't even pick up product with my blush brush comfortably you know. Who in the world uses those little brushes it comes with anyway? They need to let it go. 

"Rose Lustre" (reminds me of mac's desert rose or melba)

"Molto Mocha" (Reminds me of a slightly lighter version of mac's margin)

Please forgive me for not posting an actual swatch, my lighting is horrible at home but hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Here is Reese Witherspoon wearing "Molto Mocha" for a red carpet event on US Weekly:

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