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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not so good products:

This blush comes in a nice compact with about half of the product. The color is oh so not even properly represented online. I wanted a very peachy color, matte one at that. What I got was this above. Hardly any pigment, doe not stay on, big glitter specs(I hate that), so I was pretty dissapointed since I compare them to the Mineral blushes from Avon.

Avon Solutions "Banishing Cream"
Want the truth? It doesn't banish. I used this for about 1 month and 1/2. I have some sun spots from my pregnancy and they did not get any better with this cream. It smells nice, it makes your skin soft but it's  a waste of money..

Glimmersticks Liqui-Glide

This post will be very short but sweet.
These come in two colors, Plum and Black. They are very soft and last all day long. It's almost like a liquid eyeliner, hence the name lol. I used it and my eyes really became irritated, I don't have sensitive eyes so i'm not sure why I had that reaction to them. I applied it on the lid area too so i'm not crazy about these. The price is good, the apply easily and last long but you may or may not have a not so pleasant reaction to these.

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Pucker up for fall!

I think I've said it before, my current obsessions are lipsticks and blushes! Here are a few swatches for fall colors to get you ready for that mistletoe(wink wink)

I had more swatches prepared but, being that I am a true tanned mexican, some colors don't photograph well. I also have terrible fluorescent lighting in my home, so please bare with me, in the meantime tell me which ones are your faves? What else would you like to see??

It's very shimmery, and has a slight warm undertone. Almost, brown? It looks very bright but it really isn't as bright as it appears, well at least on me it isn't.

"Red 2000"-This one looks like "Poppy love" but it is a bit richer, darker with just a mix of slight cools and warms. "Poppy love" is warmer, almost orange-y.

"Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction": These following lipsticks are sooooo soft, almost like a chapstick. They really do not dry out your lips at all, I have probably every color and I need more lol.

"Plum Gorgeous" -This color is darker, with purple undertones, it is a buildable color so the more coats the more intensity, I really really like it, ooh and it stays on forever!

"Red Kiss" This one is a little on the pinker side of the reds, I love it as well, I love bright lipsticks, they add so much personality and excitement to the plain old everyday look. 

*Please remember to keep you skintone as well as the color of your lips in mind when choosing these colors as they might look differently on you ;)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Better than pumice

Get ready to get your mind blown for like less than $5!
 Avon if you didn't know, is pretty good at their foot stuff, their "Footworks" collection is probably the best out there in the budget friendly department. 
I have no complaints about any of their foot stuff, it ALL works so well!

I love love love these  Avon's "Foot Works Dual-Action Pedi Peel" pads, 
they literally make your feet feel soft instantly! 
The container comes with a pack of 30, (I use one pad per foot, you can probably get by with one on both), you rub the pads all over your problem areas (on your feet hehe) and voila! Just let the product dry and apply a foot cream of choice, seriously that's all it takes. I always read about it and just thought: "how does it work?", well the pads contain an alpha-hydroxy acid that basically melts away your  gross dead skin; calluses. To top it off, they are always on sale and smell very nice since they also contain aloe vera.

Identity Crisis I am

So I just started this blog, basically all about my unbiased opinions on Avon products since I am a sales rep during my spare time. I have been going thru back and forth, changing my mind on how I want my blog to look haha, I keep on changing the colors, the background etc and so I just would like to let you guys know to please bare with me. In case you stop by and it's a different color LOl i'm still working things out trying to decide what I want, also, any pointers you guys can provide will be  greatly appreciated :) For now, please be safe and have a wonderful week!

Outspoken, in a few words

Fergie's new perfume "Outspoken" really intrigued me from the very first day I started to sell Avon. It claims to have underlying notes of passion flower, starfruit, blackberry, jasmine, ebony, black leather, and vetiver.  I really do like the scent, it reminds me of  "Far Away" from Avon but a more elegant fruity version? I hope I make sense, I wish Smelli-vision existed so I could show you guys LOL. 

 It's more of a fall scent, yes, definitely for fall. I usually go for lighter fragrances, like D&G light blue, Daisy from Marc Jacobs, Christian Audigier etc, so i'm actually surprised at how much I really like this fragrance. Here's my Con though, it does not last! At all! This fragrance REALLY needs to be layered since it's only made in Eau De Toilette. In my opinion it's a little overpriced, i'm assuming it's because Fergie lent her name to it. 
For those of you who don't know the differences between the fragrance concentration of perfume oil I have posted some quick information below:

  • Perfume Extract (Extrait): The highest level of concentration, typically sold only in the top-of-the-line fragrance families such as Chanel No. 5.  Concentration levels are between 15% and 40% fragrance, with 20% being typical.
  • Eau de Parfum or Parfum de Toilette: The next highest level of fragrance and perfume concentration, Eau de Parfum and Parfum de Toilette are sometimes confusing because the second term includes the words “toilette” and is used by only a handful of firms.  At this level, fragrance concentration is between 10% and 20% with 15% being typical.  This level is also sometimes called Eau De Perfume or Millesime.  For example, the House of Creed releases almost all of its scents in Millesime strength.  This is the strength level preferred by most upper class and rich households.  The best brands typically release their fragrances at this concentration level.
  • Eau de Toilette: This is the strength of most fragrances you will find at department stores frequented by the middle class (think J.C. Penney).  A typical Eau de Toilette may cost $65 to $95, making it affordable for the masses.  Personally, we try to avoid any Eau de Toilette instead preferring Eau de Parfums (see above).
  • Eau de Cologne: Typically, these are citrus type scents that work well in low concentrations because they have no base notes.  An Eau de Cologne has somewhere between 3% and 8% fragrance with 5% being common.
  • Splash and After Shave: Products sold as after shaves or splashes have very little fragrance and it will quickly fade because concentration levels of aromatic compounds stand at only 1% to 3%.


    Saturday, October 15, 2011

    Cosmo says:

    I came accross this article on Cosmo posted on Oct 11
     about the new "Anew Genics" night treatment cream and I thought I'd share it with you all:

    "Dermatologist Dr. Cheryl Karcher"
      Here's what she said about everything from zits to sunscreen:

    For acne: "I like salicylic acid because it's not irritating or super-drying." 
    How much SPF do you really need to wear in the winter? "In the wintertime, particularly with a clear blue sky, there are more UVA rays—the kind that cause aging. I recommend an SPF of at least 30."
    Her best tip for when you're headed to the derm: "Bring in what you're using. This way you can say, 'You see my skin—am I using the right regime or should I change it?' So often, women use the wrong products—and way too many."
    Start thinking about! "The aging process starts at 20-25 and starts to show on your face around 30, depending on your environment." She suggests using an anti-aging product in your early 20's (Avon's latest is called "Anew Genics", which fights both lines and dark spots)—and you'll look much better at 30...and beyond.

    **I do have to share my personal experience on "Anew Genics" with you guys, I'm not that crazy about it. I mean it really did make my skin super super soft the very next morning and there after, but I feel (maybe i'm obsessed) that my lines are more visible and my one wrinkle that I have in between my eyebrows is way more noticeable when I use Genics. 

    I had been using "Anew Reversalist Sterling Emulsion" prior to Genics and I honestly liked it better. I felt a difference in the texture of my face and the wrinkles and lines weren't as visible, not that I have a lot, but you know that as women we obsess over every detail in our faces hehe.

    I am still using it since I want to get my moneys worth, but I can't wait to go back to using the emulsion. Everyone's skin is different, and what didn't work for me will sometimes work for others. I have a few clients who have purchased Genics from me that are in their late 30's to late 40's that really do love it and see a big difference in their skin but I have to say that unfortunately this product didn't meet nor exceed my expectations. 

    Protect your OJOS

    This little bottle above is a true miracle worker! I have never used an eye makeup remover that has worked as well as this does! The "Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover" is sooo good you really don't have to wipe your eyes at all!

     I literally just apply a pea size amount onto my tissue or makeup remover wipe and swipe it over my eye makeup and it comes off so easily. This bottle is very small but very mighty. It also lasts a long time since you only use a small amount, the best thing is that it's on sale for like .75 CENTS!

     Yeah, seriously! I'm going to try to post a video sometime to really show how good this is!

    Nail Experts Cuticle gel

    I usually get my manicure supplies at sally'sbeauty supply but I decided to give this "Nail Experts Cuticle Gel" a try since it was on sale for a two-4-one deal. It's a very small tube, and it does not smell bad, it has a clean scent. 
    You apply it only for a few seconds, leave it on for no more than one minute, and it starts working right away. You don't have to massage or anything. I really don't feel like It's the right product for me, this gel literally melts your cuticles and I know some of you might prefer that but I really don't like getting hang-nails. I feel that when I do use a "cuticle remover" it always makes me get baddd hang-nails. I usually use an oil based pen from sally's that just softens them to be gently pushed back. 
    Therefore, I think I will return this since I can get my money back because I don't think I will be using it again.

    Wipe your face

    I always use makeup remover wipes prior to washing my face at night, I like to make sure I have no makeup on my face what-so-ever. Thru the years I have used, Pond's, Oil of Olay, Neutrogena and even Target's generic brand of makeup remover wipes. They all make my eyes burn if in case I happen to get a bit of the "wetness" in my eye, especially when I've had a lot of eyeliner on.

     These "Avon Makeup Remover Wipes" are like half the price of the Store bought and I can seriously say that they are sooooooo good. They never irritate my eyes. I use them in combination with Avon's eye makeup remover. I also love that they really do make your face so soft so you don't feel like you just had a chemical peel as some others do, leaving your face feeling raw and burning like no other. They also have a very pleasant smell, very botanical.

    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    Fall and a little pop...

    I love to collect nail polishes, I love changing my nail color often as I rarely go to a nail salon (I like to jack up my nails myself as opposed to paying for someone to do the same) I recently purchased a few colors from AVON'S Nailwear Pro line and I loooove them all! Here are some swatches:
     "Violetta Sparkle" (Lots of glitter specs, very cute)
     "Vintage Boutique"(No glitter or shimmer even though it looks like it)

    "Mocha" (Speeddry" line)
     "Blossom"( A very subtle soft red)
    "Viva Pink"(With sort of cool undertones, very very barbie!)
    I hope you give them a try, I have of course other colors that I will post soon, for now I thought I'd show you something so you can be ready for fall. I snuck in the "Viva Pink" because, well, it's too pretty not to!

    Transform and lift

    AVON'S anew line has not only anti-aging cleansing regimens but makeup as well. I'm 29 and since I'm beginning to be obsessed with making sure my face has no wrinkles ( i need botox for that one little wrinkle in my uni-brow) I decided to give 2 items a try; Anew Eye lifting serum eyeshadow in "Luminescence"
     I purchased this item with the intention of using it as an eyeshadow base and nothing else. It has sort of an iridescent tone and it has a very distinct smell, just warning you, its not too bad but it's different. It claims to reduce fine wrinkles in about 8 weeks. I have been using it for about a month, and while I haven't really noticed any long term changes I do see that as soon as I put it one my lines disappear and so my eyelid becomes a smooth area, ready to apply eyeshadow. I've used this eyeshadow serum with my avon and mac eyeshadows, you do have to wait a few minutes to let it dry if you apply too much product but other than that it's blendable. It really prevents my eyeshadow from coming off or creasing. I really like this eye serum/shadow. If you are particularly concerned with wrinkling in your eyes this will help it a bit to make your makeup application a more smooth process.

    I also purchased the Anew Age transforming Concealer in "Natural light"

    This concealer is supposed to diminish fine lines as well as conceal imperfections like under-eye circles. I bought it especially because I have bags and under-eye circles, and sun spots from when I was pregnant. The solution is very lightweight and I think I might have ordered the wrong color, I feel like it almost blends into my face too much so there is no full concealing. I'm not crazy about this one. If you are looking for light coverage this  is the way to go but I don't think that you can really do much with it if you need more than just a little issue cover up. It comes with a built in applicator, but I didn't really find it useful since it doesn't apply it on effectively. I really do like the packaging though, it's very high-end looking. I guess if I had to decide if I would purchase again, i'd have to pass. It didn't  do anything beyond the ordinary for me, but who knows, it might work for you..

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    Kim Kardashian loves Avon

    I was very surprised to have found this article on about Kim Kardashian using AVON!

    The article reads:
    When her hair is becoming over styled Kim applies a deep overnight treatmentto repair her locks. She uses Avon’s Advance Techniques Intense Repair Overnight Elixir, $7.  “By the morning, my hair feels silky and smooth without leaving behind residue on my pillow.”

    Though that product's been discontinued AVON's come out with an even better formula that I actually happen to love! It's "Advance Techniques 3D Damage Repair"

    It's under $10 and it really works, after bleaching and over processing my hair this is what I love to use to give it that boost of nutrients and softness.
    Hey, if Kimmy like AVON why not give it a try!

    Avon Marks Nearly 20 Years of Fighting Breast Cancer

    Just thought i'd share a bit of history as to what charitable causes AVON contributes to.......

    The first pink ribbon pin sold for the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade
    This is the company … that fights wrinkles with one hand and breast cancer with the other … 

    Thousands of shades of pink have comprised Avon’s palettes for blush, lipstick and eye shadow over the years. But the most important hue is the one representing the company’s fight against breast cancer.

    2012 will mark the 20th year of the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. For 125 years, Avon has been dedicated to improving the lives of women. Because a woman cannot truly be empowered if her health or safety is at risk, Avon’s commitment to fighting breast has been an integral component in empowering millions of women around the globe for the past two decades. 

    Creation of a Crusade 
    Avon’s Breast Cancer Crusade was launched in the U.K. in 1992 to bring the company’s vision to life. At the time, not many people talked openly about breast cancer.  Through Avon’s sales channel, an army of Representatives was mobilized to raise awareness and funds for the cause. And so the Crusade was born, starting with the sale of breast cancer awareness pins. Proceeds from pin sales were donated to Breakthrough, a British organization which needed funding to build a center for breast cancer research.

    “We set out to make a difference in a cause that is so important to women – and to our company – and I believe we are accomplishing that.  But there’s so much more to do … and the future is more promising than ever,” says Carol Kurzig President of the Avon Foundation for Women and Vice President, Avon Products, Inc.

    The Walks: “210 Times Around the Globe”
    In 1998, the Avon Foundation was the named the beneficiary of the first long-distance walk series for breast cancer. Five years later, the Foundation launched its current highly successful event model in the U.S.: Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, a marathon-and-half walk (39.3 miles) over two days. Since the launch of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer - approaching its 10th anniversary in 2011 - participants have supported critical community outreach and education, raising awareness about breast cancer and the importance of early detection.  Year after year, the Walk continues to pick up the pace:
    • By 2012, Avon Walkers will have collectively circumnavigated the globe more than 210 times, or 5,261,811 miles
    • More than 14,000 breast cancer survivors will have participated
    • Through the end of 2011, 163,000 participants will have raised more than $400 million
    Making Strides Outside the U.S.
    In 2005, the company started the Avon Walk Around the World For Breast Cancer series, bringing grassroots activism to a global scale. Walk Around the World mobilizes a quarter of a million people each year for the breast cancer cause. This “Walk” sometimes includes runs, concerts and educational seminars. World Walkers have trekked past diverse locales and historic sites, including the Great Wall of China, the Kremlin, Kuala Lumpur and Prague.

    Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Today
    Today, the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade is a powerful global force: Avon is the leading corporate supporter of the breast cancer cause worldwide. The Crusade has donated nearly $700 million to accelerate research progress and improve access to care. Its impact has been far and wide-reaching:
    • Linking more than 15 million women around the globe to early detection programs and mammography screenings.
    • Educating 100 million women on breast health
    • Expanding into 55 countries
    • Enabling access to care for underserved populations
    • Providing $175 million to breast cancer research projects since 1999
    • Creating Love/Avon Army of Women, a program designed to accelerate the pace of prevention research by enlisting more than 350,000 women (potential study volunteers) for this effort.
    Fighting Until the Crusade Becomes Obsolete
    Beauty trends come and go, but pink will continue to be a critical color for Avon and the lives of millions of women around the globe. To borrow the slogan from the company’s U.S. Walk series, Avon and the Avon Foundation for Women are “in it to end it.” They will fight until there is an end to breast cancer … and the Crusade becomes truly obsolete.

    Monday, October 10, 2011

    Magix face perfector

     I love this little piece of awesomeness!
    It's basically a primer, it's very smooth and silky, you apply all over your face after your moisturizer and before your 
    foundation or powder. It visibly minimizes pores and makes your face look flawless. The best thing about it is that it's $2.99!!!
     For a limited time only because it's sold in the outlet section of AVON'S website. 

    I've had mine for like over a month
     so there's a lot of value for your product. 
    The only color available at the moment is in "Medium Deep" but it literally applies on clear. I have a swatch below to show you how clear it is.  Unless you are "Powder" white, you should have no problem.

    Of course I didn't blend it as much on my hand so you could see a bit of the product and see how it looks.

    Blackened Metal

    I will cut to the chase and admit I am not a fan of this one. The "Super Shock" eyeliner in blackened metal from AVON is not on my gotta-have list. I don't like the fact that it has like glitter specs, I like my gel eyeliner to be solid black. I understand some people like it but I don't. I really don't like the texture either, it's very dry. I currently use Maybelline's 24 hour gel eyeliner and I love it, as well as M.A.C's fluid line (I think). I mean if you love the glitter try it, AVON has a 100% money back guarantee even if the item is used so there's nothing to loose.

    Theee best eyeliner ever!

    AVON'S Mega Impact Eyeliners are probably some of the best eyeliners i've used.  

    They are very inexpensive and long lasting. I hate re-applying makeup, I avoid it through out the day and I don't have to with these eyeliners. They come in four colors. I've only purchased the "Extreme Cobalt" and "Black Flash", let me just say that the swatches on the AVON website do NOT do the real colors justice!

     They glide on soooooo easily and are very very intense, I have like 3 extra as backup so I never run out!

    Purple Haze

    Purple is my absolute favorite color and I am so in love with this "purple haze" eyeshadow quad!

    The colors are so beautiful and I do have to admit that in order for the color to be noticeable you do have to use a very good base and so I opted to use my M.A.C paint. I mean if we're trying to replace their eyeshadows it's not gonna be with AVON, it sounds bad but I am just being honest. AVON has beautiful colors but they are not as pigmented as M.A.C.  Nonetheless, I still love this quad.  

    Pucker up...

    I think I have stated before that I am obsessed with blushes? I am also obsessed with Avon Ultra Color Rich lipsticks  at the moment! I think I surpassed the amount of lipsticks one should have. I just cannot simply get enough hehe. Below are some swatches for two of my favorite shades:


                                                                           "Poppy Love"

     Although the picture shows that they may seem a bit shimmery, they are not at all. They are silky matte colors, Avon describes them as satin. They are extremely soft upon application. They are actually very lasting and when you remove them, it doesn't make you feel like you just removed the top layer of your lips as I know other lipstick brands do.  I always feel an attachment to M.A.C's "Lovelorn" lipstick as it was the lipstick I wore on my wedding day, at $14 a piece it's a bit out of my price range so I am happy to say "Wink" is the dupe for my "Lovelorn"

    Saturday, October 8, 2011

    The highlight of my day...

    Mineral blushes from AVON am OBSESSED with these!!! Actually blush in general but right now these!
    I have to use this as a highlighter because since it has such a light tone it doesn't really show on my slightly tan skin. I really love the color though, and the shimmer is amazing! It also stays on and the little container lasts a very long time. I have nothing challenging to say about the Mineral blushes from AVON , I love them all! I will post more swatches of all the others soon.
    But for now I will leave you with "Rose Radiance"
    What a fitting name !It's such a sweet color, very pretty in pink!

    Fight your frizz for what???????????

    The Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield claims to stop frizz for 3 whole days...
    I tried it ya'll and guess what?
    I don't know if it blocked it for 3 days or maybe I have very unruly hair but that part was a disappointment. 
    When I received my package in the mail and I opened it, I saw that it came boxed up in a tiny little cardboard jewelry box looking box and I was very shocked at the fact that it was a tiny little bottle (didn't pay attention to read what size it was)
    But yeah, I paid a bit too much in my opinion for this little gem. I mean it smells very very nice but I honestly don't feel it did anything different than other brands i've tried in the past. I do have very frizzy hair though so, then again it might be might hair doesn't want to be tamed. Someday, I will post pictures of the madness that is my cabello.

    Eyes; for all the better to see with..

    The 12-in-1 eyeshadow palette for AVON was on sale not too long ago and I decided to give it a try, here are the swatches for them:

    As you can see, some of the lighter colors are better pigmented than some others. 
    The burgundy and black which are supposed to be darker weren't as pigmented as the others. The color was very hard to get on my skin. I wasn't too happy with that. On the other hand all the other colors were beautiful! So I guess 9 out of 12 ain' bad right? :) For less than $10? Um heck yes!! I do have to suggest you use a good base for this before applying eyeshadow. The Anew liquid eyeshadow works great as a base, prevents creasing and makes the makeup easy to blend.