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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Better than pumice

Get ready to get your mind blown for like less than $5!
 Avon if you didn't know, is pretty good at their foot stuff, their "Footworks" collection is probably the best out there in the budget friendly department. 
I have no complaints about any of their foot stuff, it ALL works so well!

I love love love these  Avon's "Foot Works Dual-Action Pedi Peel" pads, 
they literally make your feet feel soft instantly! 
The container comes with a pack of 30, (I use one pad per foot, you can probably get by with one on both), you rub the pads all over your problem areas (on your feet hehe) and voila! Just let the product dry and apply a foot cream of choice, seriously that's all it takes. I always read about it and just thought: "how does it work?", well the pads contain an alpha-hydroxy acid that basically melts away your  gross dead skin; calluses. To top it off, they are always on sale and smell very nice since they also contain aloe vera.


  1. thanks for following me!
    I'm following you back! <3

    I'm a sucker for any good foot product and this sounds amazing!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Wow, this sounds really good. Thanks!



  3. Hi Ela here, you're page is very interesting and helpful i'm always looking to buy things from Avon but i'm never sure if they work so tis page is really good to have... i'm going to follow you hope you follow me back... i'm new at this blog too =)

  4. Aw thanks Ela! Avon is great and I hope to share the good the bad and the ugly with you all :)