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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Passion Blossom Tea....

Avon just recently launched a new line of body mists  and lotions..

I bought the Passion Blossom Tea just when it was released and i looooove the smell. It has a very light, fresh and delicate floral scent, yet with a subtle botanical undertone. The price for the size of the bottle is pretty reasonable.

 I understand that it is a spray and will not last longer than actual fragrance but if you are comparing it to other leading brands such as V.S or BBW, it will come in last place. I have to be honest. I would not want you to buy something based on biased opinions. I mean I would purchase it again because I have not found such a wonderful scent ( i'm picky) anywhere else. I'm very particular about the type of scents that I like. It comes in 2 other scents which are more floral, not of my liking. 

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