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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Transform and lift

AVON'S anew line has not only anti-aging cleansing regimens but makeup as well. I'm 29 and since I'm beginning to be obsessed with making sure my face has no wrinkles ( i need botox for that one little wrinkle in my uni-brow) I decided to give 2 items a try; Anew Eye lifting serum eyeshadow in "Luminescence"
 I purchased this item with the intention of using it as an eyeshadow base and nothing else. It has sort of an iridescent tone and it has a very distinct smell, just warning you, its not too bad but it's different. It claims to reduce fine wrinkles in about 8 weeks. I have been using it for about a month, and while I haven't really noticed any long term changes I do see that as soon as I put it one my lines disappear and so my eyelid becomes a smooth area, ready to apply eyeshadow. I've used this eyeshadow serum with my avon and mac eyeshadows, you do have to wait a few minutes to let it dry if you apply too much product but other than that it's blendable. It really prevents my eyeshadow from coming off or creasing. I really like this eye serum/shadow. If you are particularly concerned with wrinkling in your eyes this will help it a bit to make your makeup application a more smooth process.

I also purchased the Anew Age transforming Concealer in "Natural light"

This concealer is supposed to diminish fine lines as well as conceal imperfections like under-eye circles. I bought it especially because I have bags and under-eye circles, and sun spots from when I was pregnant. The solution is very lightweight and I think I might have ordered the wrong color, I feel like it almost blends into my face too much so there is no full concealing. I'm not crazy about this one. If you are looking for light coverage this  is the way to go but I don't think that you can really do much with it if you need more than just a little issue cover up. It comes with a built in applicator, but I didn't really find it useful since it doesn't apply it on effectively. I really do like the packaging though, it's very high-end looking. I guess if I had to decide if I would purchase again, i'd have to pass. It didn't  do anything beyond the ordinary for me, but who knows, it might work for you..

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