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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ultra Color Rich Mega impact lipstick

In Pinktastic! 

I love love love this color so much,
its so bright and such a happy color. 
I do have to be honest with you though, I bought it because I wanted a replacement for my M.A.C "Show orchid" and it is not exactly the same. Although the price is waaaaay lower than a M.A.C lipstick, less than triple the price, Show Orchid has cooler undertones while "Pinktastic" has warmer undertones. It is still a wonderful fun color to wear. In comparison to the regular Ultra Color Rich Lipsticks its a little thicker, heavier. Not more moisturizing though. I'm not crazy about how it might cake up if you apply too much, but that's just my opinion :),so be careful when applying (one or two coats will be enough). I love it nonetheless! 
I highly recommend making sure your lips are completely exfoliated before applying as it will bring out any and all chapp-ey situations you may have going on your puckers. If you are somehow unsure on how to exfoliate your lips or are in a rush and need a quick exfo, just brush your lips! 
Yep, just brush em and that'll do it for ya! 

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