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Saturday, October 8, 2011

For Ashy Larry hands:

As a stay at home mom I wash a lot of dishes.
 My hands dry up so much they sometimes even peel!! (gross, I know)
When I started selling Avon I knew I had to order one of their hand creams ASAP since they were on sale! So I ordered the Moisture therapy Hand cream in Vitamin Treatment. I got it for less than $3, the size of the container is actually pretty reasonable, compared to Eucerin or Gold Bond of a comparable size. 
As soon as I started using it I felt a difference and it actually helped my skin a lot. Now I keep it downstairs next to the kitchen sink and I make sure to use it everytime my hands touch water and soap. It's a very thick creamy lotion so if you happen to rewash your hands for some reason right after applying this it will come off, it needs some time to really get into your skin to do its job. It's kind of like a mask. It is extremely moisturizing and the smell is very subtle and clean. It also with other ingredients!
As you can see by the creases on the bottle I am almost due for a refill :)

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