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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall and a little pop...

I love to collect nail polishes, I love changing my nail color often as I rarely go to a nail salon (I like to jack up my nails myself as opposed to paying for someone to do the same) I recently purchased a few colors from AVON'S Nailwear Pro line and I loooove them all! Here are some swatches:
 "Violetta Sparkle" (Lots of glitter specs, very cute)
 "Vintage Boutique"(No glitter or shimmer even though it looks like it)

"Mocha" (Speeddry" line)
 "Blossom"( A very subtle soft red)
"Viva Pink"(With sort of cool undertones, very very barbie!)
I hope you give them a try, I have of course other colors that I will post soon, for now I thought I'd show you something so you can be ready for fall. I snuck in the "Viva Pink" because, well, it's too pretty not to!


  1. These look awesome, Miriam. My fave is Vintage Boutique...sounds beautiful. I do like Avon products, so maybe I could feature one of your posts as a guest blogger?? let me know

  2. Thanks! yes I looove vintage boutique as well! That would be awesome if you would like you could feature a post of mine, thank you so much in advance :)

  3. Following you back, dear! thank you xx Joice

  4. I'm an Avon girl myself! :)
    Already a follower, thanks for stopping by my blog :)


  5. I love Violetta Sparkle, looks really pretty!

  6. I know i love the violetta sparkle its sooo pretty, thanks ladies!